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Answer: The price of the tour is for adults 275 DKK- and children 12 years 175.- Since young children and babies count as passengers in relation to laws, it is the same price. If you have not booked but take the chance, payment must be made at least 15 minutes before departure. The payment take place at Klintens sandwich cafe (opposite site of the street) Havnepladsen 2.

Answer: Bookings are made by the booking system. If there are seats available, you can show up at the boat approx. 15 minutes before departure. However, it is clearly recommended to use the booking system as we do not want to disappoint anyone.

Booking of special tours, company trips, private tours, weddings or similar takes place by mail contact.

Answer: We prefer contact by mail. In special cases, the cafe can be contacted directly.

Answer: We operate next to Boattours, the Clint’s Sandwich cafe, and are most likely serving guests at the cafe.

Answer: You can always cancel a trip up to 24 hours before departure. Here you get the money back completely automatically. If there is less than 24 hours for departure, the full amount is unfortunately lost.

Answer: We want you to have a good experience and therefore do not sail if the weather is very bad. Since the direction of the wind is of great importance, we cannot lay down a clear rule for possible cancellation of sailing. Decision on possible cancellation will be made on the day, in that case you will naturally get your money back.

Answer: You must click in on each day to see the schedule times. This is because it varies with the number of departures over the season

Answer: It is often a little windy and colder at sea, so we recommend a warm sweater, jacket or similar. We can partially or completely cover the boat in strong sun or rain. Otherwise just good mood.

Answer: Yes it can happen when we are at sea, but we sail away quietly, so nature can of course be maximally enjoyed

Answer: For safety reasons, you must be at least 14 years old or accompanied by an adult.

Answer: There are life jackets for everyone on board. It is your own responsibility to ensure that you wear it throughout the trip. All passengers must bear a vest under the hole trip.

Answer: It is statutory in relation to the rules of the Danish Maritime Authority, as it should be possible to get in touch with some on land in case of problems.

Answer: Yes, you can, except from redwine and similar drinks, the environment must be taken into account. It is possible to buy food and beverages before and after the tour of the harbor.

Answer: Unfortunately we havent got anything on the boat. You can buy sandwiches, salads, tapas and cold and hot beverages across the street on Klintens Sandwichproviant (look at this webpage for more info regarding menu), its only 20 meters from the boat.

Answer: There are several restaurants within walking distance in Rødvig.

Answer: Unfortunately, the size of the boat makes it impossible to get on a wheelchair. Since we are sailing with 1 crew member, the rules prescribe that the dimension is below 20, which make it not possible. However, we will always do everything to help you on board, and the wheelchair can be stored in our café on the opposite side of the road.

Answer: Not a one-sided answer, but crucial is the number and size. If there is no room on your trip, you are welcome to park it at our café on the opposite side of the road.

Answer: We do everything we can to be on time. Please come at the right time. We will typically start boarding 15 minutes before departure.

Answer: The boat is located opposite Havnepladsen 2 in Rødvig harbor. Parking is available at the Flint furnace just 50 meters from the boat.

Answer: No sorry its not possible

Answer: We do not have a fixed concept for this, as we do not want to exclude good ideas, so it will be individual negotiations by mail. This is also because we are newly started and will not rule out alternatives.

Answer: Since we want to keep the schedule, this is not possible on the regular trips. The rules are different for special trips.

Answer: Unfortunately, the boat is not conveniently designed for this purpose.

Answer: The boat is a little different from what you see in Denmark. It is a Triton pontoon boat with seating for 12 passengers. It is arranged so that you can sit in the 4 corners. The boat has 3 small sofas for 3-4 people as well as an selfish chair where you can sit back a little. There is a cup holder by the seats so you can store your drinks. There are no tables. If you want to eat on board, sandwiches or light meals are recommended. Triton pontoon both are very popular in the US and in recent years also in southern Europe.

Answer: We start from the port of Rødvig, past the flint furnace, Boesdal limestone quarry, the Cold War museum and turn around outside at Höjerup church. There will be some storytelling about the cliff on Stevns on the trip. Should there be foreign guests, the narrative may be in English.

Answer: You may bring alcohol, but out of respect for sailing on the water, we cannot sail with passengers who have had too much to drink. We follow the rule of good ethics and morals.

It does not exist on board, but there are public toilets 50 meters from the pier.

If you only speak english its important to write this in the comment box in order to prepare the captain before the trip